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If you are here then you are probably asking the same questions as other business people in Metro Detroit. How can I be more visible on the Internet? What can I do to be on top in Google search? Here I would like to show you three simple things you can do right now to get your business website on the first page of Google results. You will probably ask if it’s complicated. No worries! It is not. You can do it all by yourself.


Add your website to Google Search Console. It is a free tool from Google. How does it work? You can use it to let Google know about your new website or about changes you made in few simple words. It also has many other functions. You can check out all the backlinks that lead to your website, view the keywords which people used to get to your website, or check your website for any errors or problems. It can also show you the keywords and keyword phrases which Google sees on your website. Those are only few of many functions that Google Search Console offers. Check it out so you can find out what else you can do there.


Register your business in Google My Business. This is a very important step. Are you familiar with Google maps with business results? That’s it! You can add your business by yourself. If your business profile already exists then all you will have to do is confirm that you own this business. After adding your company Google will send you a postcard by mail with a pin code. You will have to type it in on your profile for verification.


Create your Google Plus profile. This is another easy thing that improves business visibility online. It only takes a few minutes and brings great results. On Google Plus you can add information about your company. You can also start posting news about business, promotions, or events you are doing now. Of course you can upload your pictures and videos as well. People can review your services on Google Plus, which will bring you more traffic because Google really likes reviews and places the recommended company on top of the search results.

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