Why Shrimp Boat


Why Shrimp Boat? 🙂

You can read on my website:

“You’re probably asking,“Why shrimp boat?” Great question. And here’s the great answer. A shrimp boat pulls shrimps into a net, right? I’ll pull your company into thevirtual net.”

Where did my idea come from? Of course part of it is from one of my favorite movies – “Forrest Gump”. It is not all, I am also a sailor. That was natural for me, that I have to invent something to connect my two great passions – sailing and web design. That is how Shrimp Boat  was born. Michigan is surrounded by water so there is no better place for such a company. 🙂 What do you think? Is web design company in Metro Detroit with this name a good idea?

Any questions?

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