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What is inbound marketing?

Until now the best way to find new clients and leads was through networking and doing the legwork. Sometimes it works. Heck, sometimes you even get lucky to engage new prospects through cold calling and cold e-mailing. Why not turn the tables and let the people looking for your product just find you? Many strategies, collectively known as inbound marketing, are used to accomplish just that: bring the client to you.

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Undestanding Inbound Marketing

The idea behind inbound marketing is to have prospective clients come to your business instead of going out and looking for them yourself. This is achieved by implementing many strategies that fulfill three main goals: attracting interested people to your website, nurturing them once they are there and converting them into clients, and finally helping to close the deal.



The most important aspect of successfully attracting traffic to a website is to have a site that is easy to find. Key factors that play a role in improving website visibility and presence are guest blogging, frequent posts to social media, keyword search, and optimization of SEO.


Visitor is not a buyer until you convince them that your product is worth their money. Converting visitors into prospects is an integral part of inbound marketing. This is mostly achieved by high quality page content, landing pages, and calls to action. Newsletters and downloadable e-books are tolls that keep prospects engaged and interested. It makes people want to come back for more.


Closing the deal is the final step in the inbound marketing process. Here leads are divided into those who are ready to commit to the product and ones that are not. But just because someone is not interested in buying right now it doesn’t mean they will not be in the future. E-mail marketing helps to make sure they remember who you are, and keeps them up-to-date on recent developments in your business. So don't wait! Get inbound marketing Detroit!

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