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I am Mieszko, web designer and web developer from Metro Detroit

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I provide responsive, modern web design in Metro Detroit

Nowadays websites are not just electronic business cards that look pretty and let your client know where to find you. Today they are interactive tools that work hard to help your business thrive and obtain more clients. That is why just building a simple website will not cut it any more. Your business needs a website that will draw more interested people in, catch their attention once they’re there, and turn them into customers who will keep coming back.

Responsive web design

Phone. Tablet. Laptop computer. Desktop computer. TV. They all have one thing in common – they can all access websites. The one thing that separates them is their size and your website needs to look great when viewed on any of the current devices. Website that is responsive is built in a way that will allow for automatic resizing to fit multitude of screens and provide optimal viewing experience.

Web design Technology I use


HTML5 is the most up-to-date coding language that is a basis of every website. It includes specific functions, which allows for embedding graphics, audio, video, and interactive documents. The simplest websites can be built just by using HTML5 and CSS3 without use of any CMS like WordPress or Joomla.


Coding language that allows for separation of page content and its presentation in two different files. This makes it easier to implement changes on the websitse. CSS3, the most modern coding language, is a foundation of creating visually engaging websites.


WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS). It is mostly used for blogging and small online stores. It is ideal for those who do not have the coding skills to change the content on the website, but would like to edit and keep the website up to date.

Hubspot COS

Hubspot is a content optimization system, which is a step-up from CMS. It has many powerful tools to help attract new users and keep them coming back. Blogging software helps in keeping the page interesting, smart content allows the page to display different content depending on who is the visitor, and calls to action and landing pages engage the user to seek more information.

Website Redesign

So you think that your website looks great, even though it was created a few years ago. Let me ask you a few questions. Is the website responsive – does it adapt automatically to a different size depending on the device it is being viewed on? Is it easy to find – does it show up on the first page of search engines? Do the people, who come there become clients and do they keep coming back? Does it generate new traffic – do you continuously gain new clients? If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the above questions then your website needs to change to keep up with today’s fashion and expectations. I can turn your existing online business card into interactive tool that will generate more traffic, turn visitors into customers and have existing customers coming back for more.

Web design portfolio

Here you can find samples of my latest projects. I am based in Metro Detroit but my work knows no boundaries. Don’t be surprised to see examples from Europe. Scroll down and click on each project for more detailed information. Enjoy!

Art & Jakes

Pro Adaptive Sports

Primary PCP

Acu Natural Health

Idea Decor

Hubspot certified inbound marketer and designer


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If you have any questions about my services feel free to contact me. I will find the best inbound marketing solutions for your company.

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